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It is easy to build, there are many suppliers who maintain good quality and the opportunity to put a personal touch on the construction means that the interest in is constantly increasing.

The possibility of including basements and sleeping lofts attracts to expand and be creative when building an attefall house. The reason why there is a near hysteria around is that it can be used for different purposes and thus meets a varying need. Added to this is the opportunity to make money from the et when renting.

In order to be able to fulfill the dream of an , it is of the utmost importance that you as a private person meet the requirements set by set rules. As it looks at the moment, it is only allowed with a building of maximum 25 square meters. 


The housing shortage

The housing shortage

Another reason why it is currently so popular with is the housing shortage. Many private individuals see an opportunity to increase their personal income.

It is not unusual that you can take up to SEK 40,000 in rent annually when renting an . The calculation is quickly positive and in the long term it can be a good investment that can also have a positive price impact on the villa itself.


Depending on which accessories you choose to install in the et, a private person can earn the costs in a relatively short time. The investment aspect contributes to strong demand for right now.


Loan rules

Loan rules

has only been on the market since 2014. The explosion and delight that the extension has created is unique for the reason that you do not need a building permit. However, it is of vital importance to wait for a start message from the building committee if you do not want to be fined for black building. The fact that can be used as a residential building is attractive to many. One should keep in mind that the building must not exceed 4 meters in height and if one wants to build closer than 4.5 meters from the site boundary to the neighbor, one must get permission from the neighbor.

The Building Committee must also obtain all possible drawings regarding the construction of the et. It is advantageous to be out in good time before you plan to build when the law allows a processing time of four weeks. The rules continue to say that an is prohibited from being used for commercial activities. It is of course okay to build with various amenities such as kitchens and bathrooms in the et.

As a private person you are allowed to hold several but it is under the condition that the total space does not exceed 25 sqm. According to the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s building regulations and the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s design rules, it is important that the intended attafall house follows the instructions – otherwise it may in the worst case result in the house having to be demolished. Before you start building, you must have sent a notification to the building committee and received a start message.

If you have a one- or two-dwelling house without a shed (of max. 15 square meters) you may erect an attefall house. In some cases it may be required to have a building permit.

When building and planning an , one must follow the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (BBR) and the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s design rules (ECS).


Loan: Suppliers

Loan: Suppliers

There are many companies that have specialized in building and selling . This speeds up the process for the individual who wants to avoid building the house themselves. The advantage of buying a ready-made is that you avoid the process of getting approval from the building committee and can place the et on the basis of your wishes and get help with this. Since 2014, there is a large variety of that meet all kinds of wishes, needs and preferences.




What does an cost ?

What does an cost ?

A fully built attefall house can cost anywhere between SEK 40,000 and SEK 160,000, depending on the design, interior and design. In addition, the basic work (“land work”) as well as electricity and water, and costs for building registration and application to the municipality are added.

The basic work can cost anything from a few thousand (if you do not do it yourself free of charge if the conditions are simple) to several hundred thousand if the plot is aggravating; e.g. if you need to level the ground, blow up or reinforce. You usually expect a cost between SEK 10,000 and SEK 40,000. The cost of electricity and water also differs completely from case to case. But you should expect at least 50,000 to 100,000 for this. If you want to build a kitchen and toilet, you can expect that the kitchen will cost about 40,000 in materials (eg from Ikea) and an additional 40,000 for installation. If you want to build a toilet, it can cost as much, but maybe between 10,000 and 30,000 for the interior and about 50,000 SEK for the work including the plumber.

This is just an indication of the costs and the conditions and choice of materials and the cost of the work can vary greatly. For example, there are suppliers who supply more exclusive with bathrooms and kitchens for nearly SEK 600,000. Get help from a supplier of to better understand what it costs to build an . Please note that costs may apply for facade paint, roofing / roof cladding, roof drainage / roof rate, insulation, underlay paper, snow zone extensions etc.

The building registration itself costs about SEK 8,000. The application at the municipality costs a little different, between 2,000 and 6,000 SEK.


Cheapest way to finance


The cheapest way to finance an is to expand the mortgage loan if that opportunity exists. It requires that you have enough high income so that you do not hit the debt-to-income ceiling (4.5x gross salary) and you should also bear in mind that the amortization requirement for new loans differs from previous rules and may ultimately mean a higher amortization rate and thus take a larger part of one’s net income.

If one is not able to finance it through the mortgage loan, an alternative is to borrow through a private loan. Private loans for can be granted for up to 15 years, which means a faster rate of amortization than a mortgage loan, but only on the private loan. This means that the monthly cost can still be considerably lower than the entire mortgage loan if it is required by the new amortization rules. When you are going to borrow you should make a set up of your options and see which one is most favorable. One question that you will then have to answer is whether a lower interest rate justifies higher monthly costs. Lower interest rates are obviously preferable if the opportunity exists. But the interest rate on private loans is relatively favorable at the moment and at the time of writing, the difference between the average interest rates between mortgages and private loans is about 2.5%. So much more, a private loan costs on average versus a mortgage loan.


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