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They have long been in high demand in society compared to other financial products. And that’s easy to explain because a consumer loan doesn’t require.

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In the financial services market, the company provides services to individuals and gives them access to a loan of between € 50 and € 3,000. Refund period: 1 month – 3 years. Credit and Loan is granted on simple terms and with the possibility to spend money on unplanned needs.

For credit Credit and Loan enough to have a cell phone, e-mail address and account number of any Latvian bank.

The brand Credit and Loan itself refers to the financial group SIA IPF Digital Latvia, but it is a member of International Personal Finance. This organization is based in the UK and is a market participant on the London Stock Exchange. The shares in this group are called “IPFs”.

In 2015, Credit and Loan was registered with the Latvian Business Register, which became a clear indication that the creditor is operating in an entirely legal manner, complying with all legal requirements.

About loans Credit and Loan

About loans Credit and Loan

Credit and Loan offer 2 products to its customers – credit line and consumer credit. Credit and Loan are granted on the following conditions:

  • Credit amount: 50-4000 €.
  • Repayment term: 1 month to 3 years.
  • Annual rates: 51.98% to 218.87%.
  • The annual rate is set individually for each customer.
  • Borrowers only pay principal at the time of loan repayment + annual percentage rate without additional commission.
  • Credit and Loan are issued completely free of charge and the borrower receives money under the same conditions.

As far as loyalty terms are concerned

Credit and Loan will automatically remind you of the due date for payment. To make the repayment process simple and planned, the borrower can use the built-in credit calculator on the Credit and Loan website before choosing a loan and choose the optimal repayment term for himself.

If you are unsure of yourself, choose the maximum length of the repayment period so that the annual rate and the repayment of the principal amount of the loan itself will be much lower.