Advance payday loan online -Direct lender payday loans online: Fast approval

Direct lender payday loans online: Fast approval 

You can apply for a direct lender payday loans if you need extra money. The reason for closing a loan is different and can be anything.

A payday loan is a sum of money that you can get it directly from Payday Relay. The lender will, under certain conditions (interest, repayment period, etc.), transfer the money to your account if you request a loan from him.

Terms of loan

Terms of loan

A loan will always be provided under certain conditions. Interest will almost always be calculated and a repayment period usually applies.


Interest loan

Interest loan

Interest is expressed in a percentage (%) and may apply, for example, per month or per year. Interest is a guarantee for the lender to see his money back. There are always people to calculate their loan not refund and interest covers a lender that risk. Interest also ensures that lenders can make a profit on the provision of loans. They will of course not do this for free.


Loan repayment term

Loan repayment term

The repayment term of a loan is the term in which the loan must be repaid. Small loans, such as minilands, often have a short (re) repayment term, which is for example a few weeks. It is therefore wise to think carefully whether you can repay these loans on time. Larger loans, such as personal loans or mortgages , will have a (much) longer repayment term that will be several years to decades.


Types of loans

Types of loans

There are many different types of loans. We have just spoken about the mortgage that you close for your home, but there are of course many more variants.

The personal loan that has just been discussed is a commonly used loan. In the case of a personal loan, you have a fixed term of repayment in advance and a fixed interest rate applies.

Through a loan simulation, you can clearly calculate what the cost of your loan will be (administrative costs are not included). We also know the ongoing credit.

An ongoing credit has the advantage that you can add extra credit when you want to. There is a variable interest rate, which means that the interest rate will sometimes be lower and sometimes higher than with a personal loan.

We also know the mingling, which is a small loan of several hundred euros, which must be repaid quickly. A mingling is therefore especially useful if you are slightly short of the end of the month.

In addition to the mentioned loan types, you can also buy an installment or hire a loan as a loan. The 50/50 deal that you can pay for a car is also a kind of loan. In short, there are many different types of loans, which means that your situation usually has a good ‘fit’.

Loan with BKR

If you have a negative BKR registration, it will be harder to get credit. Many lenders will refuse you. This is very difficult, especially if you only have a negative BKR due to, for example, unpaid accounts during a divorce, at which time you did not know who of the spouses had to pay the bill.

If you have a negative BKR, there are still possible loans to conclude as a mini loan. Otherwise, in the case of an incorrect BKR registration, you can approach the BKR to cancel the negative BKR registration.


Free loan

Free loan

It sounds weird, but there is also a possibility to get a free loan.

Here you have to think about borrowing a sum of money from family or friends. Perhaps this is only the case for small amounts of money, but then you do not have to knock on an online lender or at a bank and provide all sorts of information, also a positive or negative BKR listing is not at all important.

Furthermore, it is well taken into account that you only have to repay the borrowed money, the statutory mandatory interest that must normally be paid keeps you beautiful in your own pocket.

World Are Being Imported Financial Advice

There is a bull market on the market of historical numismats, and auctions are held for several days.

On March 7, at the auction of old art, Desa Unicum (, he will exhibit a painting by Stanisław Szukalski (1883-1987). The artist has recently been sensational. Leonardo DiCaprio promotes him in the world. In Poland, Szukalski’s fight for the creation of national art is remembered. There are debates about the political sympathies of the young artist.

Portrait of the king

 Portrait of the king

In the auction catalog, we read that the picture was discovered in a London garage in 2019 … Probably he spent several dozen years there. I chose this image from the current auction offer because it perfectly illustrates the thesis that polonics on the domestic art market come mainly from imports. Szukalski’s example proves that spectacular discoveries of works that reach the domestic market are still possible.

The offered picture is unique. This is a portrait painted in 1978 (51 by 105 cm) of the King of Saudi Arabia, Khalid and son Fahd . This does not mean that the king was the owner of the painting.

Szukalski in 1903 with his parents went to the United States. In 1909, my father sent a talented 15-year-old artist to the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. That’s how the artist’s stormy life started. He strived to create a new Polish art that would have a Slavic character. He always aroused great controversy, for example he was considered an atheist or a pagan.

Images to discover


In 1939 he left Poland and settled permanently in California, where he created for the rest of his life, forgotten by art lovers. During the war, the achievements of the artist were created in Poland. On the other hand , the artist’s works are scattered throughout the world. They are waiting for the explorers who will bring them to Poland .

57 0624a For 44 thousand, a coin designed by Stanisław Szukalski was sold

On the domestic market, Szukalski’s works are rare. In 2014, Desa Unicum for 145 thousand. PLN sold the sculpture “Orator” . At the auction of numismats, interwar coins from the Szukalski project are heavily auctioned. For example, in 2014, the Warsaw Numismatic Center ( for 44 thousand. PLN sold a silver sample coin with a face value of PLN 100, stamped in 1925 (picture above).

A coin is a perfect example of the artist’s expressive style. We feel that the eagle has great power, because it symbolizes a powerful nation.

57 0624r

It is a fact that for 30 years the free art and antiques market in Poland has been functioning mainly thanks to the import of polonists from the world. Annually there are hundreds of objects for sure! Not only paintings are constantly being imported, but also sculptures, antique books, maps, photographs, and numismats.

As this continues, there will be no material trace of Polish spirituality in the world. For 30 years there has been a group of people who unofficially professionally deal with discovering polonics in the world and delivering them to the starved domestic market.

Polonics are not interested in global collectors. For example, the offered picture of Szukalski, due to the characters it presents, could interest Arab art lovers. But it did not interest global buyers or antiquarians. I can count hundreds of equally spectacular facts.

For example, many years ago, on the French market, nobody wanted a portrait of the Nobel Prize winner Andre Gide, painted by Leopold Gottlieb. The impressive image of the same artist depicting the creator of the cosmetics empire Helena Rubinstein also did not arouse interest in the world. Both works went to the Vistula. The same was the case in Warsaw of the portrait of the painter Pierre Bonnard, painted in France by Józef Pankiewicz.

The price of numismats is increasing


We do not propagate Polish art in the world. Therefore, it achieves on the international market prices grossly lower than comparable western art. We do not organize exhibitions in the world, because Polish museum workers do not have significant contacts and influences.

During the People’s Republic of Poland, there were excellent international exhibitions of Polish art, because Ryszard Stanisławski from the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź had contacts and world authority. Those exhibitions caused that Polish post-war art was bought in the world. Today, the paintings purchased at that time are imported to the Vistula River.

In the shadow of the painting auction, numismatic auctions are held. They do not arouse interest of the media, although since the beginning of 2019 they have clearly dominated the domestic market. I mean auctions of antique numismats, the price of which does not depend on the value of gold. It depends on the symbolic value of the coin, its beauty, condition and provenance.

It is worth checking: The price of design from PRL is growing

There is a bull market on this market. A new phenomenon are the many-day auctions. In February, there was a five-day auction of the Numismatic Cabinet Damian Marciniak (, almost the entire offer of approx. 3.8 thousand sold. objects. The two-day listing of the Numismatic Salon Mateusz Wójcicki ( recently ended in Poznań. There were also other catalog listings. Apart from them, online auctions of popular old numismats are always held every week.

Now a catalog of a five-day auction of the Numismatic Antiquity Shop Michał Niemczyk ( has been published. It will take place on March 16-18. The offer raises a sensation, for example, the unprecedented collection of banknotes from the Free City of Gdańsk. The offer includes not only expensive objects of museum value. There are also rarities at PLN 30-50. The numismatic market is a mass market, it builds its stability.

Numismatic companies reveal their transaction archives. You can analyze prices, their increments. For example, the Warsaw Numismatic Center ( discloses the results of 238 thousand sales. Excellent photographs and numismatic descriptions allow their identification. Often, the same coins return to the market every few years. Their price is growing. You can see and assess the investment potential of various categories of antique coins after 2000.

The price of numismats is increasing


Personal payday loan , the trends of the second half of 2016

We have just started the second half of 2016 and as you probably already know, movements will have to be visible in the field of personal payday loans. We are talking here about a possible rise or fall in the interest rate. For the moment, trends are down in most lenders. It is always advisable to inquire about the rate practiced at a moment. You will then know when to contract a personal payday loan to your favor.

The current trend for personal payday loan rate

The current trend for personal payday loan rate

As announced above, trends in Belgium are currently declining for the annual percentage rate of charge. Many lenders such as Goodbank, have bet on lowering their interest rates to attract new customers. This situation is primarily due to the overall economic situation that favors a reduction in APR (Global Annual Effective Rate).

The growing number of loan and credit providers such as the arrival of Goodbank is also for something. Result, today, for a personal payday loan worth 15 000 euros, the minimum rate for a period of 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months is proposed by Credit who takes the hand for 5.90%. If one refers to a lower personal payday loan for 5,000 euros, it is Goodbank who offers the loan online at the best rate with 4.99% up to 48 monthly payments.

If you have in mind to take out a personal payday loan to carry out such or such project

If you have in mind to take out a personal payday loan to carry out such or such project

it is therefore the right moment to subscribe to a personal payday loan. Be careful, comparing personal payday loan offers is acting as an informed consumer. So remember to visit comparator of more than 10 banks and loan broker in Belgium.

personal payday loan rate forecasts for the second half of 2016

personal payday loan rate forecasts for the second half of 2016

The figures that we have presented above reflect the current situation, that of the beginning of the second half of this year. If we believe the forecasts of the various specialists, this situation should not change too much for the rest of the second half of 2016. Indeed, no increase would not yet be expected, at least in the immediate future.

This situation could be explained by the current economic situation and the general fall in interest rates in Belgium and, more broadly, in Europe. In short, if you decide to take out a personal payday loan, never forget to make a loan simulation through an online comparator, a guarantee to find the personal payday loan in Belgium and the best rate.

The maximum amount of interest for consolidated debt repayment delay


If we do not repay the consolidated debt in a timely manner, then we risk charging interest for the delay in repayment. Of course, the lender may also charge us with additional fees, for example for reminding about consolidated debt, and may also refer the case to a consolidated debt collection company which will apply additional costs . Therefore, a delay in repayment or a total failure to repay the loan may cost us a lot.

We can expose you both for a bank loan and for a non-bank loan for charging interest for delayed repayment. They are calculated from the first day of delay. Then, when we are only a few days late with repayment, they will not be high, but if it is a much longer period, we may have bigger problems.

From 1 January 2016, new rules for determining statutory, maximum and delayed interest came into force. It was introduced by the Act of 9 October 2015 amending the act on payment dates in commercial transactions, the Civil Code and some other acts (Journal of Laws 2015, item 1830). Let’s focus here on statutory interest.

Statutory interest for delay

According to art. 481. par. 1 kc in a situation where the consolidated debtor is late with the performance of a cash payment, the creditor, i.e. a lender, may claim interest for the delay. This applies even if the creditor did not suffer any damage and even if the delay was due to circumstances for which the consolidated debtor is not liable.

Under the new rules, if the rate of interest for delay is not pre-determined, the creditor may receive statutory interest for delay in the amount equal to the sum of the NBP reference rate and 5.5 percentage points. Currently, they amount to 7% per annum.

Maximum interest for delay

The maximum interest may be charged when the consolidated debt is bearing interest at a rate higher than statutory interest. Then the creditor may still demand interest for the delay in accordance with the value of the higher rate.

From the beginning of 2016, the maximum interest rate for delay has been applied. According to the regulations, the maximum amount of interest for delay can not exceed twice the statutory interest rate for delay per annum, i.e. it can not be higher than 14% per annum.

How to calculate the amount of interest?

If we do not know what interest we are exposed to when we do not repay the loan in a timely manner, we can use special interest calculators that we can find on the internet. In the calculator, we will have to enter the payment date resulting from the contract and the date of payment, as well as the amount of the obligation. Then we can easily calculate how much we will have to give to the lender.

However, it is best to repay your liabilities in a timely manner – then we do not expose ourselves to any additional costs resulting from delays. It is worth thinking about this at the time of borrowing, namely to calculate what amount of loan installments will be the most advantageous for us and will not be an excessive burden on the budget.

Consumer loan rises sharply in 2016

While only € 2.8 billion of consumer loan was provided in 2015, this was in 2016 with an increase of over 21% more than € 3.4 billion. Consumers increasingly transfer their revolving loan to a personal loan. The outstanding balance also increased by 3% in 2016. The members of the Association of Finance Companies in the Netherlands announced this.

Consumers opt for security of fixed interest

With a personal loan , consumers have the certainty of a fixed interest rate and term. These two factors are flexible in the case of a continuous loan and can change over time. In 2016, for the first time more than half of the consumer loan granted was concluded in the form of a personal loan.

Not only the personal loans have increased, but there is also an increasing interest in car financing and Private Lease . This shows a growth of 14%.

Connect your ongoing loan via Bank

Do you currently have a revolving loan and do you also want the certainty of a fixed interest rate and term? Bank can help you with this. We look at the possibilities for you and if the continuous loan can be transferred, we will arrange it for you. We are ready for you not only for revolving loan, but also for reducing interest rates or shortening the term on personal loans.

Your financial assistant loan and loan

We also monitor your loan or loan. And if you can save, we will arrange it for you. Register at Pleasantly arranged.

Revolving loan

If you expect to need extra money for an extended period of time, you can opt to take out a revolving loan. For example, to pay for your child’s study. What a revolving loan is, what its specifics are and the advantages and disadvantages we have selected for you.

How Much Can I Loan? Here Are Some Tips To Consider

It is a question we often get at , and it is a question that only you can answer yourself.


Here are some tips on what you should consider.

Here are some tips on what you should consider.

  • How much you can loan depends mainly on your ability to repay. The question should be changed to how much should I loan ? The most important thing to keep in mind is that it is a loan that must be repaid. No matter how obvious it may sound, it is something that loaners often forget. They focus on what to buy rather than the repayment that follows when they take the loan.
  • Furthermore, how much you can loan depends on your individual situation. The banks that grant blank loans look at your individual situation. The banks ask themselves how much they can lend to you. Each bank assesses the situation differently. The decision is made on factors such as your current salary, your form of employment (fixed, sample, hour, etc.), how much you have earned in recent years (your taxed income), current debt, if you have a co-applicant and his situation, risk factors (t .ex payment notes) and so on. This is not something you can change in the short term, but it is worth keeping in mind as a possible explanation why you, for example, not get the entire loan amount that you have applied for.
  • Your disposable income is another factor that you should consider when you ask yourself how much I can loan. Write down all your costs on a piece of paper, think carefully so you don’t miss anything, figure out the total amount. Then deduct that amount from what you get in salary after tax. That figure should pay variable costs such as food, clothing and entertainment. Then you will have some money left over. Clean with a substantial margin of error, eg if you have 5,000 kr left after costs, expect that you only have 2,000 kr left after the error margin. It is the monthly cost that you should consider in order to be able to repay a loan.

Think of these three points above when deciding yourself to decide how much I can loan.

Think of these three points above when deciding yourself to decide how much I can loan.

When you have decided how much you can loan, you should set the banks against each other, for example. through us, to make sure you get the lowest interest rate and best terms.

Loan: Find The Lowest Interest Rate


It is easy to build, there are many suppliers who maintain good quality and the opportunity to put a personal touch on the construction means that the interest in is constantly increasing.

The possibility of including basements and sleeping lofts attracts to expand and be creative when building an attefall house. The reason why there is a near hysteria around is that it can be used for different purposes and thus meets a varying need. Added to this is the opportunity to make money from the et when renting.

In order to be able to fulfill the dream of an , it is of the utmost importance that you as a private person meet the requirements set by set rules. As it looks at the moment, it is only allowed with a building of maximum 25 square meters. 


The housing shortage

The housing shortage

Another reason why it is currently so popular with is the housing shortage. Many private individuals see an opportunity to increase their personal income.

It is not unusual that you can take up to SEK 40,000 in rent annually when renting an . The calculation is quickly positive and in the long term it can be a good investment that can also have a positive price impact on the villa itself.


Depending on which accessories you choose to install in the et, a private person can earn the costs in a relatively short time. The investment aspect contributes to strong demand for right now.


Loan rules

Loan rules

has only been on the market since 2014. The explosion and delight that the extension has created is unique for the reason that you do not need a building permit. However, it is of vital importance to wait for a start message from the building committee if you do not want to be fined for black building. The fact that can be used as a residential building is attractive to many. One should keep in mind that the building must not exceed 4 meters in height and if one wants to build closer than 4.5 meters from the site boundary to the neighbor, one must get permission from the neighbor.

The Building Committee must also obtain all possible drawings regarding the construction of the et. It is advantageous to be out in good time before you plan to build when the law allows a processing time of four weeks. The rules continue to say that an is prohibited from being used for commercial activities. It is of course okay to build with various amenities such as kitchens and bathrooms in the et.

As a private person you are allowed to hold several but it is under the condition that the total space does not exceed 25 sqm. According to the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s building regulations and the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s design rules, it is important that the intended attafall house follows the instructions – otherwise it may in the worst case result in the house having to be demolished. Before you start building, you must have sent a notification to the building committee and received a start message.

If you have a one- or two-dwelling house without a shed (of max. 15 square meters) you may erect an attefall house. In some cases it may be required to have a building permit.

When building and planning an , one must follow the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning (BBR) and the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning’s design rules (ECS).


Loan: Suppliers

Loan: Suppliers

There are many companies that have specialized in building and selling . This speeds up the process for the individual who wants to avoid building the house themselves. The advantage of buying a ready-made is that you avoid the process of getting approval from the building committee and can place the et on the basis of your wishes and get help with this. Since 2014, there is a large variety of that meet all kinds of wishes, needs and preferences.




What does an cost ?

What does an cost ?

A fully built attefall house can cost anywhere between SEK 40,000 and SEK 160,000, depending on the design, interior and design. In addition, the basic work (“land work”) as well as electricity and water, and costs for building registration and application to the municipality are added.

The basic work can cost anything from a few thousand (if you do not do it yourself free of charge if the conditions are simple) to several hundred thousand if the plot is aggravating; e.g. if you need to level the ground, blow up or reinforce. You usually expect a cost between SEK 10,000 and SEK 40,000. The cost of electricity and water also differs completely from case to case. But you should expect at least 50,000 to 100,000 for this. If you want to build a kitchen and toilet, you can expect that the kitchen will cost about 40,000 in materials (eg from Ikea) and an additional 40,000 for installation. If you want to build a toilet, it can cost as much, but maybe between 10,000 and 30,000 for the interior and about 50,000 SEK for the work including the plumber.

This is just an indication of the costs and the conditions and choice of materials and the cost of the work can vary greatly. For example, there are suppliers who supply more exclusive with bathrooms and kitchens for nearly SEK 600,000. Get help from a supplier of to better understand what it costs to build an . Please note that costs may apply for facade paint, roofing / roof cladding, roof drainage / roof rate, insulation, underlay paper, snow zone extensions etc.

The building registration itself costs about SEK 8,000. The application at the municipality costs a little different, between 2,000 and 6,000 SEK.


Cheapest way to finance


The cheapest way to finance an is to expand the mortgage loan if that opportunity exists. It requires that you have enough high income so that you do not hit the debt-to-income ceiling (4.5x gross salary) and you should also bear in mind that the amortization requirement for new loans differs from previous rules and may ultimately mean a higher amortization rate and thus take a larger part of one’s net income.

If one is not able to finance it through the mortgage loan, an alternative is to borrow through a private loan. Private loans for can be granted for up to 15 years, which means a faster rate of amortization than a mortgage loan, but only on the private loan. This means that the monthly cost can still be considerably lower than the entire mortgage loan if it is required by the new amortization rules. When you are going to borrow you should make a set up of your options and see which one is most favorable. One question that you will then have to answer is whether a lower interest rate justifies higher monthly costs. Lower interest rates are obviously preferable if the opportunity exists. But the interest rate on private loans is relatively favorable at the moment and at the time of writing, the difference between the average interest rates between mortgages and private loans is about 2.5%. So much more, a private loan costs on average versus a mortgage loan.